Support Local Pet Shelters in Your Area

Support Local Pet Shelters in Your Area

The holidays are a wonderful time for many reasons. We often gather with friends and family, give gifts, and celebrate the new year. Many families take this time to adopt a furry friend to welcome into their family. What better way to start a new year than by rescuing a pup?

Unfortunately, many underestimate the responsibility of dog ownership. Through the months of January and February, many animal rescues and shelters are inundated with surrendered pets. Many shelters adopt a dog to a family in December, only to see the same dog returned in January by no fault of the dog. This is sad for all parties involved, not least of which the shelters who quickly become overcrowded and without adequate resources. On top of this, April begins kitten season, where shelters are overrun by stray cats and their kittens. 

Shelters are often mostly volunteer-run and exist mainly off of donations. They are always in need of help, but maybe the most urgently during the first half of the year. Many think that all they can do to help is adopt a new pet, but this isn’t true! Shelters are often, if not always in need of old sheets, blankets, and towels. Many have Amazon wish lists that you can buy from to donate supplies or links to donate money directly. Additionally, shelters are always in need of volunteers — giving your time is a wonderful way to contribute!

Animals are part of our communities, therefore no-kill animal shelters are vital parts of every community. Visit the websites for your local no-kill shelters and humane societies to see their most urgent needs, and consider how to help your community shelters today.

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