The JY Charity Initiative, founded by John Yurkovich of New Jersey, helps to provide support for several non-profit organizations in the local community. The JY Charity Initiative provides support and donations for organizations across the board, including those helping military veterans, as well as those working to combat food insecurity in the community. The goal of the JY Charity Initiative is to provide awareness, means and support to create a foundation for community members in need.


• Our Mission Statement •

Our mission is to donate and provide support for local, Non-Profit New Jersey charities that benefit our community.

Healing Invisible Wounds

Healing Invisible Wounds is a non-profit whose goal is to provide outpatient services for military veterans — like ourselves — to stay motivated, determined, and connected through fitness and recreational events. It is our mission to ensure that any veteran who comes to us in need receives the resources and assistance available to them, whether through the private sector or the Veteran’s Affairs offices. Too often, many go without help because they are unaware of the resources available to them. We leave no one behind. 

As combat veterans, we understand surviving and overcoming various crises. Returning home was not a simple struggle, but rather a life or death situation, often involving homelessness, addiction, family struggles, or legal matters. With resilience we fought to overcome such hurdles to become the beautiful humans we are today. As a result of these experiences, our foundation strives to pay it forward – to ensure that no veteran in crisis ever goes unheard, unassisted, or unsupported again. Through connection, outreach, and community, we will work to make the lives of veterans brighter.

“I wanted to do more to give back to families and people that just can’t get any relief. It’s the reason I founded Loanfight and the reason I founded this initiative...”

- John Yurkovich -

Founder, CEO - LoanFight Inc.

Community Food Bank of New Jersey

Food is a basic right. We at JY Charity believe that no family deserves to go hungry, which is why we donate to and regularly partner with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. Following their lead, we assist in food drives and similar outreach events in our local community. 

CFBNJ’s mission is to fight hunger and poverty in New Jersey through direct action, by assisting those in need and in search of long-term solutions. We will engage, educate, and empower all sectors of society in the battle against hunger. Food insecurity is a constant struggle, so we advance this mission during times of relative calm as well as fraught periods of upheaval. Together, we can create substantial change; we are so grateful for your support in this fight.

John Yurkovich

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention."

- Oscar Wilde -

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We do our best to help promote the helping of others not just in our community but, everywhere. Follow our blog for news on upcoming events or drives from some of the charities we help in the local Millstone, NJ area. Or learn more about how you can help others near you! 

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